Mervin Fick was engaged as Artistic Director in 2009, bringing with him fresh vision and inspiring renewal and artistic growth. While honouring the heritage of MCS’ large oratorio society tradition, he recognized the organization needed to extend its reach to embrace the diverse communities within Mississauga. His innovative programming, commitment to community outreach, and audience education, were instrumental in renewing MCS Chorus’ artistic vision.

The Mississauga Chamber Singers is the result of the evolution from a large oratorio society to the current musical ensemble of 25-30 auditioned singers. The chamber choir format facilitates performances in various and smaller locations, bringing the intimate experience of live music to a broad range of diverse audiences. The singers explore and perform a rich tapestry of classical choral works contributing to the variety of musical options within the city. ‘Master Class’ opportunities are incorporated into each rehearsal, encouraging choristers to develop professional skills focusing on their stage performance presence by participating in small group and solo roles.

In 2020, Mervin introduced ‘Choir School’ in response to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. Instruction is offered both in-person and virtually. He developed the curriculum, sourced the study material and engaged two professional instructors to work with him. Under their guidance, choristers study Rhythms, Intervals/Sight-Singing and Musicianship. To complement the in-person classes and assist the virtual learners, Mervin engaged one of the instructors to develop a series of instructional videos.

Mervin developed and delivers an innovative interactive arts education program, based on James Wright’s ‘Gallery of Song: Spirit of the Land’, to elementary students in the Peel District School Board. The program includes narration, choral performance and PowerPoint support. The ‘Gallery of Song’ engages grades 4-5 students in discussions with the Artistic Director which develop into an open dialogue on creativity and inspiration and the appreciation of music, art and literature. The program is an integral part of the organization’s artistic vision, inspiring cultural education and lifelong learning.

Mississauga Chamber Singers is Mississauga’s premiere chamber choir, dedicated to promoting the appreciation of classical choral music, and continues to be a thriving, vibrant and integral member of the artistic community within the city of Mississauga.